Whilst Cosmic Joke is a full service production company, we understand that sometimes you’re looking exclusively for post production work - whether that’s additions and enhancements to existing video content or entirely bespoke visual effects or animated work. We’re proud to be able to offer the services of our excellent post production team to give any form of content that extra wow factor before release. So if you’ve shot something that needs completing or you want to commission an entirely digital production, then our diverse and experienced team are here to help.

You can see the talent of our post production team in everything we do and there are examples of that work in action all over this site. Our most popular post production services are listed below whilst some very specific examples of our post production work can be found here.

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If you like what you see of our post production work and you'd like to discuss our team joining your production, or even creating some bespoke visual content from scratch, then please get in touch on holla@cosmicjoke.co.uk or for more information, click below.

Post Production Portfolio