Three unlikely heroes journey into the curious world of LARP (Live Action Role-Play) to explore what happens when you take pretending to a whole new level.

Treasure Trapped is a documentary film from the award-winning production company, Cosmic Joke.

Ways to watch Treasure Trapped

After several successful theatrical tours Treasure Trapped is now available for home viewing on VOD, DVD and BluRay.Follow the links on above to start shopping, relive the film AND check out all the new special features. What on earth are you waiting for?!

Treasure Trapped on Tour – West Coast Style

Been wondering what we got up to when we took Treasure Trapped over to the US, West Coast side? Mainly a lot of beer, doughnuts and travelling…but don’t take our word for it, have a look for yourself!

Treasure Trapped Past Screenings

Manchester, UK
A Small Cinema,
Dec 10th 2014
Lausanne, Switzerland
Qwertz, Lausanne – January 31st 2015
London, UK
Genesis, London – February 5th 2015
Västerås, Sweden
Prolog 2015, Västerås – Feb 27th/Mar 1st 2015
Bergen, Norway
Laivfestivalen Spillerom, Bergen – March 14th/15th 2015
Nottingham, UK
Savoy Cinema, Nottingham – March 24th 2015
Copenhagen, Denmark
Huset, Copenhagen – March 25th 2015