Over one weekend in November 2014, a group of volunteers transformed a Polish castle into a Harry Potter fan’s dream come true – the interactive College of Wizardry experience.


In late 2014, whilst Cosmic Joke was finishing work on its feature-length documentary, ‘Treasure Trapped’, an invite arrived from Poland to capture a once in a lifetime experience. A group of volunteers from across Europe were turning a Polish castle into Hogwarts for the weekend and inviting 150 people from around the world to attend. What followed was a magical weekend full of wizard lessons from Potions to Defence Against the Dark Arts to grand balls. And Cosmic Joke was there to capture the entire event!
For everyone involved, it was a weekend to remember for the rest of their lives…but what no one counted on was that the film of the event would go on to be a viral smash hit, reported on by the likes of The Guardian to Teen Vogue.
The event spawned a global franchise with events held several times a year. But that first magical weekend – and our most popular film to date – will always have a special place in our hearts.