Short Films & Documentaries

The College of Wizardry

Over one weekend in November 2014 a group of volounteers transformed a Polish castle into a Harry Potter fan’s dream come true – the interactive College of Wizardry experience. Dir. Alex Taylor. Prod. Shona Brown.


Confusing memory with fantasy, a man re-imagines moments from his life to be more colourful than they might have been. Dir. Tony Boffey. Prod. Cosmic Joke.

Knowledge Through Play

Osterskov Efterskole is the only school in the world that teaches through Live Action Role-Play (LARP). This documentary shows a day in the life of the school. Dir. Alex Taylor. Prod. Shona Brown.

Making Lilly

This documentary delves behind the scenes of Brett Champan’s short film ‘Lilly’. Dir. Alex Taylor. Prod. Shona Brown & Dee Fifteen Productions


Commissioned by Snig Hill Gallery in Sheffield this multi-discipline piece explores the art work of Sheffield Artist Foster-M. Dir. Alex Taylor Prod. Shona Brown.


This documentary looks at the running of the satirical LARP ‘Panopticorp’ in Copenhagen 2013. Dir. Alex Taylor Prod. Shona Brown.

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